Ben Crackel | Ryan Poluck | TJ Case


The members in our punk band consist of :
Ben Crackel on rhythem and vocals     Gr10
Ryan Poluck on lead and back up vocals  Gr9
TJ Case As our Awsome Drummer
And kayla as our groupie

Our band was started at bawating high school, ben the self prenound group leader met up with ryan and they talked about playin the guitar and after about 10 mins of talking they put 1 and 1 together that they should start a band. so now they have a band consisting of a lead and a rythem they are curntly on the prowl for a bass player.
Ben was born in london ontario in 1988 and was later moved top kingston and then back to london and then he moved in to heyden a little hick town outside of sault ste marie. he stayed there for like 3 or so years then moved into sault ste marie were he spent the rest of grade school he started to play the guitar in grade 5 and then got lazy and quit intill in grade 7 it was popular agian i played for another year or so then he moved out to gaulias even further out then heyden and he then started to play the guitar again and met up in a previuos band called run away angelo witch we wrote like 1 song then the band broke up because we were to lazy. My hobies consist of skateboarding and snowboard i will be gowin pro this year so you can ask me for my autograph before you will have to pay like 20 bucks for it. and that wraps up about 15 years of my life. i play rythem and some how ended up with vocals my guitar is a fender with ernie ball strings and a fender amp with a black cord the\at plugs into a 15 amp circuit in my house.i have a dog.
Hi i am Ryan And iam also in the band BUSTED.My Bio isnt that long cause ive lived in the Sault all my life. I started Playing the Guitar about a year ago and ive done ok so far. Ive got two drumsets in my basement along with my  guitar and amp sadly my dog is dead  THE END.

 Our band is looking for songs if u think u have some lyrics to a kick ass song e-mail them to us well check them out and if you have the best song it will go on our record

hey wuts goin on dudes were changin the whole look
we just got together yesterday and we rote to new songs on my ass and alone when we get decent recordign equipment we will have them for u to listen to
we still need a dam bass and we might of found one but we havent got a hold of him yet so we dont know

we still need a base guitar player so if you live close to sault ste marie or goulais e-mail me
Hey our babnd played our fist song today and we did ok but the mike wasnt very loud and nether was my guitar
But it al started one day before the show tj comes up to me in that hall and says"hey ben i signed us up for the talent show" i was like woo man weve never played together its tommoroow wut will we play we talked then we dicided on "the gurl next door" by blink 182 after dicideing that he was gonna sign we agrred (ryan still doesnt know yet) so when i get home he callse me and is like so we playin that song so i played him the song and he said ya sure so about half way throught the night we change our minds to aliens exist by blink so i had to tab that song out my self cause i didn't know how to play it the i learned that and the lerics but i couldnt play one part so i had to have ryan play that part while i sign cause i cant do the same thing at once. so he still doesnt know yet so tommorow comes the show rehersal starts at 9 but we all agree to be there at like 8:30 am so we can pratice but tj doesnt show intill 9:10 so we unload his drums get setup withc takes a while so we were scrambiling gettin mad losin focuse then we get it set then i had to teach ryan the part and his q on when to come in so we get that but we still havent played together yet so we start to play then all these people r like lets here a song or kan they try so we got our shit and ran to the music rooom tryin to practice cause we were suppose to be last but then we became 2 so we really had to scurry so we got the song but i was playin it as if it were live and we were so after we got that sorted out we were finally ready but our cord were all fucked and we had no time to fuck with them si when r turn came we were up there they introduced us and there wus noi mike raphone or any thing loike that so once we got all that the mike only had like 2ft of cable so were were screewed so me and ryan fit in to a 3ft by 3ft square. we started to play and the mike wasnt loud enoufht and the guitar stopped playin a few time and stuff we made it threew and from wut people said we were ok just not loud enought there more to the storry but i dont want to type it so later