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Ben Crackel


Ben Crackel | Ryan Poluck | TJ Case

Hello i'm Ben the rytheme guitar player and vocals.
you have already read my bio or at least glanced at it so you should no that stuff but now this part is about me and only me.
Well to start of i love to snowboard like i would ditch my girlfriend to go snowboarding well not really because people would start to think im wierd but you get the point. I ride free style at searchmont and buttermilk. In the summer i do some skateboarding and dirtbiking. The guitar i play is a fender bullet and my amp is also a fender. At my house i have one sister one mother and one father.
As you can already tell i just started this site like one day ago so ya
Well are band is put together pretty good and we still need a dam freakin bass.
The bands that inspired my music and me to play are Blink-182 when there were first out like chesire cat all the way to enama of the state the new ones are kinda just sell out exept for the new one that one is awsome. then there is Mellincolin i love that band they were my inspiration for writting my own songs. then there is NOFX my alltime favorite band they were my inspiration to wite about stuff that doesnt always matter or make sense. and on and on.