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Ryan Poluck


Ben Crackel | Ryan Poluck | TJ Case

Whats up Iam Ryan Iam the Lead Guitar in our Band Busted Ive Lived in Sault ste Marie all my life, its a great city with alot of music stores.
I started playing the Guitare about a year ago and ive gottin pretty good i can also play the drums. Our band is made up of some cool guys there is ben crackel our rythm guitarist he knows so many songs on his guitar its not even funny then we have TJ Case our drummer his awesome no kid can beat his talent (TJ's Dad owns Case's Music in the Sault which in my opinion is a great plaace to be tought)we are still looking for a bass player hopefully from our school not to far away.

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Ive got an Aria pro2 Guitar and a Rage 158 peavey amp.

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